October is Australia’s walking month! With the winter months behind us, it is a great time to get outside, join up with family and friends, and go for a walk.

October is beautiful in Australia; not too hot or wet yet in the north and in the south the weather is breaking out of winter’s bleakness and we can see new leaves on the trees and feel the sunlight on our skin.

We learn to walk when we are young. To feel the ground, earth, grass or sand beneath our feet. And we continue this throughout life. Walking is ideal as a way to be active. It is available for all ages and abilities, whether you are young or old, or walk fast or slow.

It is easy to incorporate Walktober into more of our daily activities. Walk to the shops instead of driving the car, walk your children to school and enjoy some quality time together or join friends for a stroll around a local park or along the beach. Work colleagues can even hold a walking meeting instead of sitting in a coffee shop or an office.

Walking ticks the boxes on so many levels. We get fresh air, sunshine, we move our bodies and we can socialize with others when we are walking. We are also helping the environment by using our bodies instead of driving cars.

So get your walking feet happening and enjoy all Walktober has to offer.

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