Bluearth has created 1700 Active Leaders across Australia, since the program’s introduction in 2014.

We aim to introduce the Active Leaders Program predominantly into communities in disadvantaged areas, as it’s people living these areas who are the least likely to engage in regular physical activity.
Peer leaders study movement, activity and leadership skills and help mentor and engage younger students in physical activity. They run school and community events as part of their learning, in which thousands of students, teachers and parents participate.

All money raised through the Walktober Challenge will be directed into resources to expand the program into more school communities in 2017 and beyond.

Make your MARC leadership program

Students at Northern Bay College in Geelong, Victoria, have been enthusiastic participants in the Active Leaders Program for the last four years. Make your MARC focused on using mindfulness, awareness and resilience skills to advocate for the importance of physical activity to the wider Northern Bay College community.

The weekly leadership sessions included planning and leading fun, meaningful, inclusive physical activity sessions; written and verbal communication skills; learning to work with other leaders and how to develop their own individual coaching philosophy. The student leaders used their new-found skills to coordinate a series of events attended by more than 1,000 students, staff and parents. This included organised class and lunchtime activities to encourage more physical activity throughout the school day, and evening community sessions for students and their parents.

“Bluearth has taught me how important and fun it is to be active”

“I like showing the Grade 1s the fun games.”

“I’ve learnt that a leader’s job is not to boss people around, but to show them the way.”

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