Walktober, Chile-style: meet Jacey

While most of us are clocking up our Walktober kilometres in and around our neighbourhood, Walktober hero Jacey has ventured a little further afield. She is holidaying in Chile, which has proven to be a beautiful, diverse walking environment.

“I’m two weeks into my Chilean holiday – I’ve clocked up 171 kilometres and it’s been a pleasure! I’ve seen some amazing sights, from beautiful buildings and plazas, wide to empty beaches where I’ve watched pelicans waiting patiently for the fishermen to come in. I’ve immersed myself in Chilean history, viewed 600 year old handbags and hats ( in honour of the Spring Carnival racing season back home) and taken a walk at dawn with the local street dogs. As a walking destination, Chile is so diverse. Today we were in the desert – it seems to empty and it’s hard believe that anything lives there. But we saw desert owls, wild llamas and little foxes meandering about. The locals tell me that last year the desert was in bloom and awash with the colours of the different flowers – something that happens only about every six years.

Isla Damas, off the coast of Chile

“Next we travelled across very turbulent waves (apparently today was a good day – I’d hate to see it when it is rough) to a national reserve that was set up to protect sea life. We saw penguins, sea lions, sea otters and bird life before walking around one of the smaller islands where the contrast of sand, rock and cacti brought out the brilliant blues of sky and sea.

Walking gives us all a chance to absorb as much of what we see as possible – I just happen to be in one of the world’s most glorious walking environments.”

Pedestrians have right of way in La Serena, Chile